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Concrete Pavers are widely used in homes, streets and shopping malls all over the world, because of its various benefits. Some of these benefits include low cost and low maintenance. Its strength is due to the fact that it is not affected by freezing and thawing conditions, moreover settles easily. When you choose concrete pavers, rest assured you made one of the best choices.


People wonder why paver driveways get so much attention. They have to work hard, since it must withstand constant pressure of heavy vehicles. Moreover, they have to be more impressive, since they are large enough to affect the overall aesthetics of a residential or commercial property. So when you're considering a new driveway or when replacing an old one, always take into account the important qualities that it should possess as well as the added strength and beauty.


Retaining walls are designed and built with materials for a defined purpose. 
For example: (1) to contain unnatural ground slopes, or (2) to restrict the flow of water. In designing a house, drainage is important to improve the stability of the structure; this can be accomplished by including a suitable drainage system or by the use of building blocks, which are generally self-draining.


Your pool area can be greatly accented by adding stylish brick pavers. Many times there will be enough room in these areas for custom patterns. This will allow you to create a custom setting of your choice, truly personalizing your pool area to fit your tastes.

Summer always finds your pool and its surroundings to be one of the most used sections of your outdoor area. Why not create a setting your friends and family will 


Brick paver sealers are water repellents and coatings that are specifically designed to be used on paver stones and block. ... Seal and protect the pavers from UV degradation and fading. Enhance to pavers by either adding a wet look, shine or both. Solidify or stabilizing the jointing sand in between the individual stones.


Pavers coping is the perfect complement to new and overlay deck applications and is available in a variety of paver shapes to match common paver heights. ... Some shapes are suitable for Rumbling, which weathers the stones by breaking and softening paver edges and corners.


Paver parking lots require such little ongoing maintenance, that when comparing the up front costs to an asphalt or concrete parking lot, which is less expensive, essentially what we're doing is trading the long term ongoing maintenance costs over the lifetime of an asphalt or concrete parking lot for the up front cost ...


A Paver patio is the perfect way to utilize your outdoor space. Perfect for having barbeques and entertaining guests, your new patio will add room to your home without adding a room to your home. 

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Fixing cracked or chipped brick pavers is a very simple task. Because it takes so many bricks to build a driveway, replacing individual bricks that have cracked or chipped is relatively inexpensive. The best way to care for brick pavers, however, is to have them sealed right after they are installed. Sealing brick pavers will help to ensure that they last a lifetime and it will also decrease the likelihood of the bricks cracking or chipping.


Imagine enjoying a night under the stars in front of your own outdoor fireplace. As an area to relax or for guests to warm up during a get together, an outdoor fireplace is a beautiful addition to your home. In an area like Southwest Florida you will be able to enjoy a cozy fire outdoors, no matter what the season is.

Whether you choose an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, Pavers As Art professionals can plan and install these features for you.  


Brick pavers provide an attractive finished surface for outdoor steps leading to a patio, deck or porch. It's a challenging process but can be completed in a weekend of work,...

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